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Projects: Platework

BC04 Dicharge Chute

Completed in 2010 for National Energy Corporation for Raw Material Handling and Storage at Port, this discharge chute is located at the end of a conveyor to direct the raw material ... [more]

... [more]
Hot Air Duct

Completed in 2009 for B.P. Products North America as part of the Direct Fired Heater. These ducts carry hot air in excess of 1000 degrees fahrenheit.

Completed in 2007 for the El Segundo Refinery as part of the FCC NOx Reduction Project, this SCR unit is used to scrub and clean the air.
FDG Rebuilt Project

Completed in 2007 for Jeffery Energy Center, as part of the air quality scrubber unit. Thse large ducts are used to move massive amounts of air.

Completed in 2009 for Air Products for the 120 MMSCFD Hydrogen Plant. The flue gas stack is one of the components that was part of the project.
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