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Projects: Structural Steel

Pepperwood Preserve

Completed in 2008 the Pepperwood Preserve contained 182,000 pounds of steel.
AHR Piperack

Completed in 2008 for Air Products this Advance Heat Recovery Piperack in the
120 MMSCFD Hydrogen Plant contained 385,000 pounds of steel
Water Treatment Plant

Completed in 2008 for the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, the Dempsey E. Benton Water Treatment Plant contained 476,000 Pounds of steel. The project contained several trusses with ... [more]
Carneros Inn

Completed in 2005 the Carneros Inn contained 240,000 pounds of steel and had different roof transitions along with rolled roof sections.
Red River Fly Ash Terminal

Completed in 2004 for Red River Fly Ash Terminal contains 242,000 pounds of steel. The truss extends 88 feet beyound the main structure.
Rougher Area

Completed in 2008 for Mercator Minerals, Ltd. in the mineral Park Process Plant, this Rougher Area Platform contained 312,000 Pounds
Maxwell AFB

Work on in 2004 for Maxwell AFB this SOC Lodging Facility conatins 988,000 pound of steel. Before this project made it to fabrication it was cancelled.
Kenilworth Junior High School

Completed in 2005 the Kenilworth Junior High School consisted of 2 buildings and a covered walkway between the buildings, the entire project contained 408,000 pounds of steel
Direct Fired Heater

... [more]
Herriman Library

Completed in 2009 the Herriman Library had 223,500 pounds of steel
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