Founded in March of 1997. Housley design has been in the steel detailing business for over 20 years, with many of our employees having been in the steel industry for even longer.





About Us:

Housley Design is a Platework, Structural, and Miscellaneous Steel detailing company. If it is columns or ladders or even complex platework, we can convert your design drawings into quality shop drawings then the answer is yes. Detailing is an essential part of the process for any successful steel project, and our method is one of the very best.

We use SDS/2 software to generate a three-dimensional model of your project. You will immediately be made aware of any discrepancies, clashes, or construction issues. SDS/2 designs connections on the fly, so generating a 3D model is quick and reliable. Every member is examined, and every connection is analyzed. When we generate shop drawings, our most experienced detailers look it over once again to ensure that the accuracy and quality never fall short of your expectations. Our software even performs additional calculations and checks of its own to push the quality of our work even further. If you want your project done right the first time, then you need contact Housley Design.

Housley Design is dedicated to quick, quality service. Our staff is well trained, and we can handle the most demanding jobs. Our work is second nature to us and it shows in the quality of our drawings.We would like to put that experience and knowledge to work for you! We are ready to create a detailing standard tailored to your fabrication shops preferences. Once you have seen what it is like to work with experienced and dedicated detailers, it will be hard to go back to mediocre.

Give Housley Design the opportunity to bid on that next project and show you the quality and service that earns us repeated business time after time!